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List Free Download Pokemon PC Games

Hey everybody who don;t know about pokemon. Pokemon being popular till this day, althought it has been take 20 years but this brand still got knowledge and many people interest in this brand. Did you know that you can play pokemon in pc, and there are a  lot of pokemon games that shared in internet.

There are some chapter like pokemon red, blue, gaia, platinum, titanium or zeta and omricon. All of them stil got popular till this day, nothing to argue cause pokemon being atractive and more enjoyable to play. Want some list make sure to check or just visited

I have compleate list of pokemon games that can be check in url below. But every game has spesific requirement to play in pc, some of them need emulator like gba, some of them need nds emulator or the other one can be installed and play directly without any 3thd software.

Make sure to get compleate list of pokemon pc games in 2017

We  will update this list later, if you have some request about spesific pokemon maybe for white and black version, just comment in this post. We will update directly and as soon as posible post your pokemon games.

Post by buyphen375 (2016-10-17 00:08)

Tags: pokemon games pokemon list pc games download pokemon roms

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